Team Bios


Milton Ierides:
VP, Architecture/Engineering

Construction and Supervision, responsible for design review, cost estimation, pre-construction bidding, as well as coordination of trades and schedules. Supervises and controls the safety of over thirty, (30) individuals ensuring that guidelines and regulations are established and met on a continual basis. Sets safety standards in accordance with OSHA regulations. Evaluates field employee performances on a weekly basis to ensure that operations remain professional and ongoing at all times.

Chris Stavrou:
Project Manager / Site Superintendent

Highly experienced and involved in all aspects of Construction Management. Responsibilities include planning, procurement of project materials and equipment, supervision of staff and daily communication with clients to ensure project satisfaction and completion. Supervises and evaluates (10) employees on all aspects of job performance.

Predrag Ristic:
Project Manager

Architect with over 25 years of construction experience in Europe, Canada and USA, coordinating a wide range of construction projects, such as high end residential, commercial, and institutional. Managing the construction process from conceptual design development stage through final construction. Works closely with the other architects, engineers and office managers to schedule and coordinate all aspects of each developmental phase to assure the quality and professionalism unfailingly.

George Melikokis:
Construction Coordinator/Director of Procurement

Works closely with Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, and Subcontractors on multiple projects to ensure progression of projects remain consistent. Responsible for the purchase and budgeting of all services and material and expedites orders in a timely and efficient manner for project advancement to remain continual. Coordinator of weekly conferences with all field employees, to discuss daily operations of overall assigned tasks and to ensure progress schedules are met firmly and on a weekly basis.

Manuel Redondo:
Site Superintendent

Responsible for implementing construction schedules and meeting necessitated deadlines quickly and efficiently to the utmost satisfaction of clientele requirements. Directs and coordinates construction operations of policies and procedures required. Responsibilities include site logistics, mobilization, coordination of trades, field reporting and record keeping, site safety coordination and personnel management.

Dionysios Seretis:
Site Superintendent

Ensures 100% compliance with all NYC code regulations. Oversees internal crew members to get the utmost satisfaction for accuracy and timeliness of the construction progress. Ensure the proper integration of all documentation for all collocation, re-development and development work completed. Develop and maintain relationships with existing and new clients.

Peter Fonias:
Site Superintendent

Responsible for the timely and accurate completion of general administrative work to include daily reports, safety reports, purchase orders and change order requests. Strong communication and organization skills to work with a diverse group of people and the ability to maintain and control an ongoing construction site.

Leonidas Halikiopoulos:
Accounting/Site Safety Manager

In charge of manpower allocation and costs, schedule and budgeting control, as well as time cost analysis. Responsible for estimating and budgeting of all financial accounts, financial reports, insurance requirements, bonds, liens, monitoring of construction expenditures. Ensures that all safety guidelines are regulated and met on a daily basis.

Anne Fonias:
Accounts Payable / Office Administrator

Oversees daily operations of Dynatec Contracting office personnel. Responsibilities include organizing meetings to discuss consistency of overall individual progression. Developer of strategies for constant internal business growth, through guidance, active learning, and critical thinking. In charge of submitting/reviewing of all contractual documentation in a timely fashion to ensure necessary progression during project stages. Organizer of all Dynatec Contracting events, office documents, reviews accounts payable and accounts receivable reports presented by bookkeeper, and in charge of reconciliation of all company accounts.

Melissa Reyes:
Accounts Receivable/ Secretary

Prepares AIA contract documents, payment requisitions, and prevailing wage forms for the Company. Other responsibilities include accounts payable and accounts receivable clerk, writing checks and assigning amounts to specific expense accounts, receiving payments, paying bills, creating purchase orders, and customizing company and financial reports using Quickbooks Pro. Works closely with the office Administrator to ensure that daily office operations are performed in the most effective and professional manner.

Nicole Yang:
Bookkeeper / Notary Public

In charge of employee and Subcontractor payroll and executes precise, detailed reports on a weekly basis. Ensures that Insurance Certificates from Subcontractors are accurately presented and current at all times. Maintains and updates City of New York Permit records essential in the progression of all construction projects. Provides technical support for overall company computers and is diligent and proficient in resolving all technical issues unfailingly. Analyst of current system performance, and researches and reports on all technical products on a continual basis. Consistent in improving the operational aptitude of the Company. Handles incoming calls, filing, provider of excellent customer service, ordering of office supplies, and works closely with entire staff to ensure business operations are met on a daily basis.